CCB is an Official Exclusive Partner of Decorotika USA Inc. This partnership goes back to 2017 when Decorotika USA was first established in the U.S market and now Decorotika USA is a fast growing USA Home Decor and Furniture company which completed its online presence in marketplaces such as Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock, Sears, Groupon etc.

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E-Commerce Business Consulting

Enthusiasm, Dependability and Uniqueness are three pillars that our company stands on. We can help companies who wants to establish its own online business presence.

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International Trade

Starting from Scratch, reach us about your project and we can discuss the global opportunities that you may have

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Online Marketplace Management

Online marketplace management can be a complex matter most of the time. One may have a great idea or product however, do not know where to start. Let’s decide how to start together.

Product fulfillment is a question mark for starters. ‘Okay, I have a product but how can I fulfill customer orders.‘ We understand you and be sure we have a cost-effective solution for you. .

One may have a product or searched and found one. But major issue is how we can get them to the destination. No problem. Give us the point A and point B, it will be there any time you want.

Official Exclusive Partner in the U.K and Europe

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